Patriots News · Patriots Bowling Does Well at Northshore Conference Championship

Patriots Varsity Bowling competed today at Rebmans in the Northshore Bowling Conference. On the boys side, the Patriots finished 4th out of 8 teams (just 19 pins behind). Brookside (1), Wellington (2), Firelands (3), ODCS (4), Keystone (5), Clearview (6), EC (7), Black River (8). Drew Johnson had the game high for the day with a 268 and the series high with 697. Jose Howard had the 4th highest game high with 230 and finished 3rd in series high with 599! Drew finished 1st and Jose finished 2nd!

  • Aleksander Boardwine: 7th in high game 177, 17th in series high 501
  • Noah Lowe: 30th in high game 140, 33rd in series high 268
  • Richard Ralich: 32nd in high game 137, 35th in series high 231
  • Parker Loescher: 38th in high game 100, 37th in series high 194

On the girls side, the Patriots finished 4th out of 8 teams. Wellington (1), Keystone (2), Brookside (3), ODCS (4), Clearview (5), Firelands (6), EC (7), Black River (8). Allison Skalba finished 5th in high game 201, 3rd in high series 541 and finished 3rd overall.

  • Alyssa Badillo: 12th in high game 157, and 19th in high series 385
  • Mackenzie Dunckel: 14th in high game 149, and 30th in series high 251
  • Brianna Budai 18th in high game 148, and 414 in series high
  • Allison Holan 27th in high game 128, and 32nd in series high 246
  • Shu Shu Harp 36th in high game 96 and 35th in series high 174

The Patriots are back in action Monday and Wednesday for conference make up matches and OHSAA Sectionals next Sunday!