Patriots News · Commitment no matter the Sport

Karen Linder- Aspire Higher Sports

Softball families when you decide to play for a team please understand what the word commitment means. Commitment is an all the time thing not a sometimes, convenient, or when I feel like it thing. If you are truly committed you must be willing to put team first and sacrifice me for we. Playing time should not dictate your commitment level. If you are committed to your team and you do not like your playing time, commit to working harder every day of the week to get better so you can make a bigger contribution.

Committed players train 4 areas:
1. Physical abilities which includes conditioning, strength, quickness, power, agility, flexibility and footwork
2. Mental training which includes using routines, mental preparation and approach, controlling focus and emotions, ability to make adjustments and bounce back after set backs, visualization, confidence, trust and leadership
3. Softball skill sets both offensively and defensively
4. Knowledge of the game so you can react quickly and execute under pressure.

The cream of the crop work hard to improve all of these and it takes 5 to 7 days a week of focused intentional practice to up your game. Before you complain about playing time or are in a hurry to change teams ask yourself are you doing what it takes everyday to get better? Are you putting the time in with positive effort and energy in all 4 areas? Be willing to earn your playing time and be an unselfish player, support your teammates without questioning every move your coach makes. Be a positive influence not someone who brings your team down by complaining and being critical of coaches and teammates.

Most of the disharmony in teams is a result of playing time and parents complaining about decisions of coaches in regards to playing time. Fact of life, It is almost impossible to give every kid equal playing time and some kids will play more than others. If you want more playing time, spend more time practicing and stop blaming the coach. Show your commitment by working your butt off and make it so the coach wants and has to play you. DO THE WORK WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, BE THE BEST, PRODUCE.